Software development for Telegram & Blockchain

Our team specializes in software developing related to the messenger Telegram, Blockchain and cryptocurrency exchanges
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Examples of usage.

Telegram bots

  • Answering the questions
  • Selling goods
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Notifying about any events
  • Keeping order in chat rooms

Telegram applications

  • Getting any information from the chats
  • Analysis of chat messages
  • Automated message for own replies
  • Mailing on behalf of the user
  • Inviting users tothe groups


  • Technical support of ICO
  • Monitoring of blockchain transactions
  • Crypto wallets development
  • Integration of the node with the website
  • Cryptocurrency exchanger

Google Apps

  • Integration reports with spreadsheet
  • Processing existing Google documents
  • Using Google Drive as a hosting
  • Using Spreadsheet as a control panel
  • CRM based google documents
  • Google document integration, with a bot or a web-site

cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Crypto-rates monitoring
  • Automatic buy / sell
  • Arbitrations bots
  • Trading on specified conditions
  • Management through Telegram


  • Smart-contracts for ICO
  • Issuing your own coins
  • Smart-contracts for buy / sale
  • Game development based on blockchain
  • Development of public registries or votings


Any software developed by us can be integrated with a convenient interface for managing and viewing analytical information. It can be a web-site, a telegram bot, a Google document or any system with an open API.

Technologies used

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